Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 'Just Say No to Walking into Walls' nightlight (TM)

Ok guys & gals, I need to know which nightlight you would order for a certain person in your family who has a tendency to walk into walls in the wee hours of the morning.

Choice #1:  A classic choice. Squeeze!
Choice #2:  Glowing blocks.  Weird, but ok.
Choice #3:  For the believer in you.  Let's be honest,
this is a bit freaky.
Choice #4:  A Monkey. Who looks like
a bit guilty/sneaky.
 Choice #5:  Rechargeable aliens.  Huh.
Choice #6:  Sock Monkey.  You can't go wrong
with sock monkeys.   
Choice #7:  Firefly nightlight.  Creative. 
Hey Emily, it's Dad here,
do you want to go catch a nightlight with me?
 Choice #8:  Uhhhhh..... what's with the creepy sheep?
So what do you think?
Any winners?  Or should I just
comes back in stock?


  1. never know what you can find out there, do you? My personal fav is probably the sock monkey...but those glowing jars are pretty cool.

  2. Please don't buy the Jesus night light. Nothing on earth will ever do Him justice.

    And I'm pretty sure the person who walks into walls and other heavy furniture has a flashlight now.

    But thanks for the thought. That must have taken along time to find that many options :) Love