Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eva & Utah & Food

Some random stranger just came up to Eva and
gave her a Twinkie! Crazy!
Diamond rings for Valentine's day.
Also, chocolate ganoche cake at the
Chocolate Cafe in West Jordan. YUM!
I found out that you CAN INDEED have a
ball with a shopping cart and a parking lot.
I thought about it. Then remembered that wacko lady
who tried to mail a puppy to her son.
Gosh.  She is so darling.
Eva & me, on a rare occasion that
she slowed down. My little Valentine.
Don't you think they could be the poster for Park City?
I love this candid shot.
She is happy on the shoulders of her Daddy.
What a fabulous trip!
I love my family and my friends and my life.

PS Special thanks to Dan for all his quotes.  My favorite:
"Marla, I will not be intimidated by your blog. 
I will not censor what I say."



  2. HaHaHaHa I completely missed the 'P.S.' at the end of your post! That Dan is hilarious and it is even funnier that he has to always use our names when he speaks to us!

  3. He uses our names to get our attention. Which we are sorely lacking at times. I miss the Allens BIG MUCH, great blog Marla!