Friday, January 28, 2011

Random works best

Remember this?  Not the little Asian kid, but the brightly colored plastic balls that
you jumped into when you were a kid. 
When you didn't think
about germs and the lack of hand sanitizer,
it was pretty darn fun.
Since we are in the darkest days of the year and since the winter doldrums/cabin fever/Groundhog days have officially begun, getting the Seminary kiddos to wake up has been a little rough.  The blank stares and 'whah?" responses literally crack me up in the early hours of the morning. 
However, they do not find my reactions amusing.

After reading Nie Nie's blog, I went over to my little kiddos and borrowed some of their joy (gosh, I love them) and their bouncy plastic balls.  Jacob protested a little and then I explained that the seminary kids would really get a kick out of them and I "pinky sweared" that I would bring them back.

The morning's lesson was on Doctrine & Covenants 82:10 which kept running through my mind incessantly.  I figure that's better than Katy Perry's Firework song so I went with it.  ;)  I arrived at seminary just in the nick of time (stupid snooze button) and opened up the scriptures.
Bazinga! And then I started throwing balls at them.  Balls were flying back and forth very soon.  They were alive.  It was nice to see. 

And then the next day, they were back to their sleepy selves.  It's like trying to wake up little spiritual giants every morning.  But oh how I love them!

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  1. That sounds fun. It's lessons like those that they'll remember forever. Really. I'll never forget the dead fish mom brought to class. . .