Friday, December 10, 2010

You're killing me Etsy.
We all know I love quirky, unique stuff.  I adore it.  Etsy pulls me in and slaps me on the cheeks and faceplants me onto the internet.  People are so talented! It is so amazing to think of all the creativity in the world.  I admire that quality so much.
PS This is a locket, you can put a scent in there of some sort. I also like it because
it's the tree of life.  I love the story of Lehi's dream.  Such beautiful imagery.

I have also found this lovely pottery.  My HR guy
mentioned that his wife was on Etsy.
Really, beautiful stuff!

What have you found that is lovely,
quirky or interesting on Etsy?


  1. That is pretty cool. Too bad she's sold out. I bet they're hecka expensive. right?

  2. nope, not at all. she does more if you request them. it was 22 dollars. bazinga!