Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am easily excitable.

4 things make me excited:

1)  Finding the candy cane scented pens at Walgreens.  They've had those since I was a kid!

2)  Checking the mail and finding my passport.  Oui Oui Paris here I come.

3)  Making cookies with Jacob and Chloe and surprising their friends.

4) Crazy Target lady commercials:  "Mountain series, level 10, backwards" for getting her thighs in shape for the day after Christmas sale.

At .33 a pop, these are a bargain and a half!
I wish my passport was as cute as this little baby's... but alas, it is NOT.
Jacob & Chloe were masters at making these cookies.
This lady is crazy funny.  She the kind of quirky like Flo, the Progressive insurance gal.
Maybe I'll be her for Halloween next year.


  1. I want a pen! Since when are you going to Paris!! Bb

  2. If the cookies looked anything like those I want one!

  3. oh my goodness!! i'm so excited to hear about your adventures in paris. i've never been, so i will be living through you. merry christmas!!