Monday, December 6, 2010

The Chain O' Gratefulness

Thanksgiving consisted of a very small gathering this year.  Jana & James (J squared) were playing Scrabble on their honeymoon, extended family was trapped in Rochester, Emily & fam were trapped in Utah (j/k, they live there) and then some were sick or hosting another dinner.  SO, what we ended up with was a family dinner with the Olsons, Marlene & me and my parents. 

So, for a little activity for the kids (and to stop the incessant running around the kitchen and living room) I brought some slips of paper, markers and a bright idea. 

Abundance.  We have such an abundance.  The kids and I sat at the kitchen table and a tiny miracle began to happen.  At first, it was a little slow going but as they got more ideas and thought of more things they were grateful for, their hands couldn't stop writing. 

This slip reads:  "I love Marla".  He thought of this all on his own, no coercion (his arm might be a bit twisted, but there are surely no marks).
Grandma O
They were so proud of their handy work!

Looking over the course of this year, it truly has
been a season of abundance.


overflowing fullness:
abundance of the heart.


  1. So what did you guys end up doing with the chains? That was a good idea! Sad we missed it!

  2. I remember that one year you had us do something like that. Everyone complained about it. Too funny. Where's Zayah?

  3. I took the chain with me to Primary on Sunday and showed it to my Sunbeam class (age 3). They were able to read some of the links, and asked me to read the rest. Every last one. Then we talked about what they were grateful for. The chain could go on forever! Love, Mom

  4. I love this idea. I'm going to make a chain like this and then use it to tie up my kids any time they start to whine. "Feel like complaining? Time for the abundance chain!"