Friday, November 26, 2010

The Shopper

I just can't. help. myself.

I love shopping.  I hate to sound shallow, but I know that shopping IS a shallow sport and I make zero excuses.  I like it.  And what I like even more, is a fabulous bargain. 

My sisters may snear at my shopping "anywhere" which includes the Good Will, an occasional dollar store (however I like to avoid these because of the freakiness that abounds) and the infamous Big Lots. 

However, I am also a bargain shopper online.  I research everything before I make a purchase.  I want to make certain that I have the lowest price possible.  I use  There are other sites as well like and regular old Google will pull up shopping lists with prices. 

I came across this site from Nextag:

MovieMars you say?  Never heard of it you reply.  And I say, hey, me neither but it's worth a shot.  Especially since they have my Goonies 25th anniversary DVD and board game for the lowest price.   
How can you possibly go wrong with that?  Ya can't.
I am happy.  And it's all thanks to MovieMars.  Well... only partially I guess, because I have a pretty darn good life filled with awesomeness (thank you Jack Black for that lovely phrase). 


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