Monday, November 29, 2010

My Quirky Family

My dad used to tie the laces on our shoes with 100 knots if we didn't untie our shoes before taking them off.

My mom made a sign for the dryer sheets that said USE ONLY ONE SHEET PER LOAD.

My parents use a baking dish for a bird water dish.  An expensive baking dish, like the kind you buy from Pampered chef. 

My dad collects really ugly hats.  Super ugly.

My mom likes Tiger balm.  It smells something awful but she swears it helps with sore muscles.

 My grandpa Dick always had butterscotch discs in his pocket.  But my dad always has toothpicks behind his ear. 

My grandpa Keith was a tease.  Once we were coming out of a restaurant and nearing the car when he popped open the trunk with his automatic keychain.  My Aunt Marion, who was the closest to the car, screamed and said 'you almost knocked my boob off' in the middle of the parking lot.

My mom ordered her set of china on the internet.  From ebay.  She picked out each plate and she has a lovely collection of them, and none of them match.  This might be my favorite one.

My dad wears Super Mario pants.  In public.

My dad likes to shoot squirrels in the backyard and then he tells us that they are 'sleeping'.

My sister Reva went through a flamingo stage as a child.  We still have proof of it in our storage room.

My dad thinks if you run enough water down the disposal that it won't get clogged up.  But the other day, he put all the potato peels down the drain and it clogged.  My mom laughed.

We had a hamster named Kirby.  He died in the winter.  We couldn't bury him so my mom put him in the freezer.  One day I heard noises coming from inside. 

What quirky things do you have in your family?  Can you top any of these?


  1. pretty bored huh mar? Good post I like it. Feel better:)

  2. My little brother stabbed my older brother with a fork.

    My brothers and sisters convinced me that I was going to die unless I ate a raw onion. I did it and then barfed!

    My dad yelled at us on a car trip when we were being loud/annoying "You cut it out or I'll twist your tongue until it hurts!" -We laughed at him!

  3. My dad used to go to work with dental floss stuck between his teeth. He would actually leave the floss there until he was halfway there and then do the flossing. Good thing he works at home.

    My mom often wears two different shoes or earring just to see if we will notice.

    My entire family made papermache fish for family home evening. We picked out our fish from the encyclopedia. Then when they were finished they hung on the dinning room for several years.

    There are more, but some things should be kept private, right?

    Love you Marla. Claire

  4. Too Funny! It makes me seriously love your family even more. (which I didn't think was even possible)

    So we have a ton in our family but the funniest one I can think of at the moment is that we convinced my little brother (he's the youngest with only sisters) that he would turn into a girl when he turned 8. He was scared out of his mind for years.

    Also just a funny story for you, the first time my mom met Jana she came in to talk, sat on top of the laundry hamper and fell in. Her arms and legs were sticking out the top and we were all crying we were laughing so hard. :)

  5. Once a sister named Marla took a baby diaper pin (honkin' big things) and poked holes in the bedroom wall. When the Mother came in, this sister pointed to her little sister Reva and said, "She did it!". And the not-too-smart Mother believed her. Reva got a spanking, and Marla ran away.

  6. i think anonymous (2nd poster) is greatly confused. marla wouldn't have done that. no way. she was an angel when she was a child.

    claire - i have to meet your family. they sound hysterical.

    sarah - i am so sad i missed that moment! i love it!!! what an introduction!

    first anon, it sounds like jill. she told me the fork story in college. i believe that happened in our family too but i'm like fort knox and won't tell details.


  7. "L.O.L!!!"
    - that's me when I read this post. :)

  8. First Anon is the Handsome Dan