Tuesday, October 26, 2010

True story: Matt Damon, on my bed.

The lovely and talented Matt Damon is in a new movie called Hereafter.  From the previews, I couldn't tell what direction the movie would take.  In the actual theater, I still couldn't figure out what the direction was.  Matt's role was very different than any other movie I've seen him in (excepting the rated R movies or the stupid ones like say, Stuck on You (Matty, what were you THINKING?).  His role in this movie... well, he was kind of a big nerd.  Which is completely opposite of his role in the Bourne Identity.  I remember seeing that movie for the first time and being on the edge of my seat.  It was such an enjoyable ride.  I was so excited for the second one but while watching the opening sequence and seeing his girlfriend die was like knowing you were going to eat cookies for the rest of your life without milk.  STUPID.  Don't kill the romantic love interest people!  Bad move!  The rest of the series was just guns and chasing which left me feeling fine the series was over.  So, back to this Hereafter movie.  He's a nerd, he's a pyschic, he has a Charles Dickens obsession (can you say random?) and I just didn't get the whole movie which I made clear by gasps of exasperation and some serious head shaking.  Bryce Dallas Howard (Eclipse) had a cameo and I completely did not get why they chose her or why they made her act like such an idiot.  But maybe that's what city girls have to do to get a date these days...

A few good things about the movie, the views and scenery of Paris are breathtaking.  The music was really beautiful.  The opening tsunami scene was pretty awesome too. 

Back to Matt Damon on my bed.  I went to sleep around 12:30 p.m. and woke up suddenly during the night.  I opened my eyes, and was shocked to find Matt Damon, about 10 years younger, sitting on my bed indian style just staring at me.  I was so surprised that I closed my eyes to see if I was dreaming and when I opened my eyes he was gone.  I wish I could've at least gotten his autograph.  Or a kiss.

Maybe the whole thing was a dream.  I guess I'll never know until the HEREAFTER

Seriously though, this did happen.  I am not making this up.  Our family has a long history of weird & strange dreams.  Ask my mother.

Things I like about Matt Damon...
He's one of the few movie stars of my generation who is 4 years older than me.
He's a Libra.  Born in October.  Just. Like. Me.  Coincidence?  Decide for yourself.  (the answer is NO)
His dad/husband roles seem to take priority.
He does great charity work -- Water.org, the Aids projects, etc.
He is really pretty to look at.  Really pretty.

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  1. I've heard that some people start major religions based on experiences like this one. Interested?