Friday, October 8, 2010

Of Bacon & Kisses & Strollers

Marla:  Chloe, what's with the big scratch on your face?
Chloe (age 4):  I cut myself, with bacon.
Marla:  Bacon?  What?  Bacon did that to your face?
Chloe:  It was a big piece of Bacon!

Marla:  Isaiah, can I have a kiss?
[Shakes head]
Marla: Puh-lease?  Gimme a kiss...
Isaiah (age 2):  Leans over, kisses my ring and walks away.

Isaiah: {saying something and looking frustrated}
Marla:  What is it Zayah?
Marla looks over, finally hears "I stuck!" and sees that somehow the stroller handle has gotten caught inside his shirt and he can't walk away. 
Marla:  OH! I stuck!! I stuck!! I get it!
Marla unhooks little one and watches him go along on his merry way.

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