Monday, October 25, 2010

My Sister apparently never read 'The Manners' book.

Last night, we were having a lovely family dinner together and I look over and Jana is speaking and things are flying out of her mouth while I got a lovely view
of what was inside of her mouth.

Marla:  Jana, are you talking with your mouth open?
Jana:  Yes I am.  I'm at my own home.
Marla: That is disgusting.  Where are your manners.

A few minutes go by...

Jana:  HONKING her nose, at the table, very loudly.
Marla:  Are you crapping me?
Jana:  I have a cold!
Mom:  Actually it's best to excuse yourself when you need to blow your nose.
Marla: Thank you!

Jana, takes a look at me and notices a few things.
I am eating salad. 
I am chewing with my mouth closed.
my elbows are on the table,
and I am flicking the pieces
of dried pineapple
out of my bowl
onto the table.

Jana:  Marla, well look at you!

We both started laughing.

Maybe we can both use some practice
with manners.


  1. I cannot believe you actually posted a blog about this! You are in trouble. Serious. Trouble.

  2. Yeah, everyone doesn't want to know your family's dirty laundry and stuff, Marla. (giggle giggle)

  3. Jana, what if i wasn't talking about you? I could've been talking about another Jana...

    Jen, wait til i do my post on you. ;)

    Anon, maybe what?

  4. Maybe you could both use some help with manners? Why do you think I bought you this book? For pity sake.