Thursday, October 7, 2010

People are Funny.

From the Erin Summerill blog...

Today I walked into church a little bit late. When I surveyed the room to locate my Mom and sis-visiting-from-Hawaii, there was no empty seat beside them! No seat. For real. WTH? So I walked to the side and sat beside my good friend Shanna.

Anyway, she leaned over and in a low voice noted that there was no space beside my Mom and sis. I must've made a face because she said I looked like the next time I talked with my mom and sis, I was going to say something like, "You are dead to me."

I totally busted out a snort right there in church.

Then using Shanna's inspiration, I totally did just that.

"Mom," I said after church. She blinked at me through her coke bottle glasses. "You didn't save me a spot in church today."

"Well, you were late," she said.

"That's it," I declared with gusto. "You are dead to me."

She gave me a look and walked on.

I like this because of a) the word SNORT b) it's completely random c) that it happened in church where everything is always inappropriately funny and d) people are so creative and crazy and amusing.

On another completely random note, I love scheduling travel for people at work.  Please enjoy this excerpt from an email I received a few days ago:

"My preference is someplace I don’t have to share with invertebrates, arthropods, or arachnids; where the sheets get changed after every customer; and where the bed can actually be slept on without muscle relaxants.  Anything after that is a bonus."


  1. Are you sure you got that from Little Sussy? Because that's totally my friend Erin Summerill's story from her blog from a few months ago. Just curious...

  2. THANKS JULIE :) for clarifying! xoox