Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mormon Commercials

So there's some commercials playing recently. A lot of commercials.  Radio, TV, YouTube.  And I've been getting some fun comments.

Some of my favorite responses:

Hi.  My name is Joyce.
I like cats.
I'm Jewish.

Dental Hygenist
So are you going doing a big recruitment or something?

Random Person
The point of the commercials is that you are normal, right?

This has been a pilot program in a few cities...Baton Rouge, Colorado Springs, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Tucson and Minneapolis.

So WHY IS the Church doing the commercials? 

Maybe it's because the members aren't talking/sharing/inviting enough.  It's easy to tell someone about a favorite book or the deal you got around the corner but it's much more difficult to talk about things that really matter (why is that!?). 

Plus, maybe some of us are looking for that perfect moment to declare "this is the thing that has changed my life the most, that has made the biggest difference and is helping me become someone better".

There might not be a perfect moment but it's ok... we can just start talking.  We'll be fine.

My name is Marla
I love the Muppets
And I'm a Mormon.


  1. well? Let's hear it, then. Why are YOU a Mormon?

    (for an additional challenge, answer this without using the word "true" or a synonym.)

  2. why thank you for asking Reuben!! why didn't anyone ask me that when i was on my mission?
    i actually put my answer in my post... sneaky huh...i am a mormon because it has "changed my life the most, that has made the biggest difference and is helping me become someone better".

  3. That's just a teaser. Enough milk, give us some meat! How did it change your life? What difference has it made? In what ways would your life be different without the church?


  5. ps to this post... last night i was with my family going to the twins game, and my dad yelled out hey! it's the mormons! and they rode by on their bikes and his family was like whaaa??? how do you know they are mormons and we said they are the guys with the white shirts and ties on bikes...
    be nice to them! :)