Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Zac Attack

A serious letter, written about a serious issue:  My dear friend Jenny was shopping at Target for the new Charlie St. Cloud book and lo and behold, the sticker was right over our darling's face!  Imagine her shock!  Imagine my outrage!  May you find comfort in her letter.  I encourage you to write your own letters as well... so that this travesty may never occur again.

Dear Target Management,
I was appalled to see the neglect by your “team members” in maliciously covering the beautiful face of Zac Efron on every paperback copy of “Charlie St. Cloud” at your Sandy, UT location with a “25% off” sticker. I almost missed that you carried the book, as Zac’s face wasn’t exposed to show me the way like a beacon in the night. Apparently some of your male employees feel intimated by Zac’s beauty, and rightly so as they will never measure up to his physical perfection, however that should not be the cause of maliciously stifling his presence from your large amount of female shoppers. I hope that for future restocking of the book, that you ensure your staff takes careful consideration of sticker placement.
Thanks for your attentiveness on this issue.

Your most faithful customer,

Jenny Sass


PS I am NOT a cougar! His spiritual age is like 37.  Plus his favorite movie is Goonies.  Soulmates!
PPS He was on George Lopez last week and he ate bugs.  Scorpions, crickets and worms. 
PPPS  I don't like him anymore.  Strip club news came out.  :(  It was a sad day.

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  1. You're kidding, right? Cause otherwise I'm thinking a few weeks in rehab might help....