Friday, August 27, 2010

The Best Cube Neighbor Ever

Ok, so what is all this you ask? 
It's my cube neighbor.  Joyce.  I've told everyone that if
they move her, I will quit.  Immediately (ok Mom, no
freaking out, I'm kidding).
Anyway, Ms. Joyce went on a road trip
for a wedding and in her hotel room was a
note from the wedding party with this princess rubber ducky
to keep for her very own.
Before she gave me the ducky, she took her on a little
photo tour, including the McDonald's in a random suburb
in Iowa, with a McMommy in front of her.
Do you understand why I won't allow
her to move away from me now?
I hope you do.  It's rare to have a friend like her.


  1. Aww Joyce seems like the best!!

  2. You're right on, sistah! A good friend is hard to find. Think Eva: "Duck!" She'd love it too~