Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Daddy Is My Favorite Pal

And I hardly help him every day...  well, it's true.  He always helps ME with everything.  House stuff, car stuff, picking out ugly tennis shoes and buying a dirt bike for a 12 year girl... you know, that type of stuff.

Father's Day 2010 was fun.  Our dad can take FOR-EV-ER opening up any type of present.  Even if it's just in a gift bag.Somehow, the suspense always kills us and we end up making him speed up the long, tortured process.

This year we got him a fun gift that he said he wouldn't use (but we are going to make him)however his favorite gift was given to him by The Golden Child (can you blame him?).

He's holding that very gift... check it:

But, just for the record.. I got it at B&N for a mere three dollars.  Dad, aren't ya so proud?!  :)  xooooox


  1. Funny that I was expecting a link to MY blog when you mentioned "golden child." It must be some hyperlink mixup . . .

  2. emily, i have AND WILL ALWAYS BE the GOLDEN CHILD. get yourself a new title. this one's taken. xooox
    ps dad loves my driving the best too.