Friday, July 2, 2010


stands for:  My Life is Average....

FUN site. I'm a little addicted.
So last night when I was scanning the stories, looking for a good chuckle, I came across my Alma Mater.
--------------------------------------------Today, I was wearing a Utah State shirt on the BYU campus. The ice cream store I went into had a really cute guy as the cashier. After I ordered my ice cream, he told me "I can't give that to you until you take off your shirt." I told him "Get a life pervert!" and he started apologizing. Guess who got a free ice cream today? MLIA--------------------------------------------------------------

Please enjoy this view of the temple from Utah State University:


  1. HA. it would be funnier if she had just taken her shirt off. If I was working there, she'd still get free ice cream.

  2. HA ha reuben!
    you are so going to be called as bishop some day!