Friday, July 30, 2010

GiveAway, GiveAway

Man, I love dinnerware sets! 

These people at CSN Stores just love me, what can I say.

Some fun things I found while browsing:
Really, who doesn't need a multi-colored stuffed elephant, an instant 7 person puppet show, a craft for fancy lime water and peeping-tom q-tip holders for the bathroom...
This stuff is classic and crazy and fun.

To enter this fabulous $40.00-get-anything- online-from-CSN-stores-giveaway, please leave a comment with your email address and list the craziest thrill-seeking adventure you've done.  I want my next adventure to be skydiving.  Weeeeeee!!!


  1. WORD. count me in.

    My thrill-seeking is endless. I am always pushing boundaries by adding food coloring to my mashed potatoes. If you use brown, it feels like you're eating a pile of poo.

  2. I'm in. My biggest thrill has been grocery shopping with three kids. It doesn't get any crazier than that. Oh, and camping in the BW. That was pretty darn crazy, too.

  3. Free stuff? Awesome! I've been ice climbing and multi-pitch rock climbing. Both were pretty scary and thrilling.

  4. there was this one time.....where I stayed up past midnight....

  5. reuben - gross!
    jess - ahh... the grocery store nightmare
    kristin - multi-pitch? climbing while... singing?
    jana - classic. just ordered the movie. you can come over and watch it.

  6. One time, I married this guy that had 6 years of schooling left. Good times . . .

  7. Picked up a hitch hiker who had was 200 miles from home and had just left prison for drunk driving!


  8. One time, I got up at 5:30 in the morning just to take 300+ pictures with my future wife! WHAT A TRIP!

    P.S. I hope we have 3 good ones!

  9. We camped out for a wii...Does that count????


  10. I just eat chocolate and other desserts for my thrills. It is easy to thrill me.

  11. em - 6 years? isn't it down to 3 now?

    dan - what have i told you about picking up hitchhikers!

    james - you may be getting funnier... that was good.

    nikki - camping with children ALWAYS counts as a thrill (or a terror)

    jill - i miss you :)