Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scattered PIC-tures

Do you ever just miss someone out of the blue?  Or certain things make you think of them?  Maybe it means they are near us. 

Grandpa Keith makes me think of:

Diet Pepsi

Corn Dogs

Shirts from Costco that have the band around the bottom

Avon jewelry, boxes & boxes and more boxes

Big bowls of ice cream after dinner

Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jar

Big hugs around his rock hard belly

Toaster Strudels

Twinkly eyed smiles


  1. Crankshaft grilling -- everything we ever ate was very, very crispy. Giving Sparky treats. Dancing with him for the first time at a friend's wedding. Baptizing Jana and Emily. That was so important to him. Standing in his Utah driveway at 5 am in the morning as we left to go back to Minnesota, tears in his eyes. Sigh. Mom

  2. em! that ketchup was from the cannery. i remember that! it was disgusting!

    mom - i loved that last look he gave us when we crawled into the car -- he was always sad even though we wrecked half his house... and SPARKY! totally forgot about the dog! marla