Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The One with the Cheeseballs.

Admit it, most of you at some point in your life,
have bought a container of these.  Am I right? 
They are bad for you, filled with things your body doesn't
need and shouldn't ingest, but you eat them anyway.

I was sitting on the couch after putting the kids to bed, and I
had a little dish filled with the above cheeseballs.  And I was
chomping on my merry way, reading EW magazine.

Chloe comes tiptoeing out of her bed, spying on me.
Seeing that I was eating her cheeseballs.
She objected, asked for some, got denied
and then went to bed.

I went to check on her after a few pages of magazine. 
I covered her up, letting my eyes linger 
on her peaceful face
that most certainly couldn't
have called me mean and
threated to slam the door
earlier that evening...

She turned over and 
fluttered her eyes at me and said
"Did you eat all the cheeseballs?"

I laughed, and tucked her in tighter.  
She was asleep.

I went out and ate some more
Glorious cheeseballs!

Just because I could.


  1. Reuben - the word on the street at my company is that Earl Cheese Puffs are the best.