Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's good to be Queen.

This week alone, I've dreamed about John Mayer, George Lopez, and Martha Plimpton.  In the John Mayer dream, I was stalking him.  He finally decided to invite me in and let me live with him.  It should be noted that I'm not a fan of John Mayer,  and his song "say what you need to say" makes me want to hire him a new song writer.  In the George Lopez dream, as I was talking to him, I was thinking to myself, this guy isn't ever funny, is he.  But in the Martha Plimpton dream, the conversation went like this:

MK:  You did a fabulous job in the movie Running On Empty.  Loved that movie.
MP:  Thank you.
MK:  However I really didn't care for that Mosquito Coast movie, at all.
MP:  *Speechless*

Martha has also been in the TV show Fringe, which I like to occasionally dabble in... however it's too complicated most of the time. This reality, that reality, wait a second... is that Joshua Jackson?  I love Joshua Jackson!

He is sooooo pretty, dontcha think?  Really, my only reason to watch the show.

Oh look, there's a chicken!


  1. I can't believe you didn't talk to her about Goonies...

  2. why the crap didn't i think of that!!!!!! GOONIES is my ALLTIME favorite movie (with people, as opposed to Muppets). next time, i'll ask her for sure. and i want to find out if she liked wearing those big honking glasses.

  3. Um - I Jon Mayer and am going to his concert for the third time. This summer baby! SLC

  4. Jen -even get me started on 'your body is a wonderland'. :)
    but have fun!!