Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They Said What?

Chloe ~trying to follow me in the bathroom only to be stopped by me shutting the door~:  When you're done in the potty, you can come and see me.
Marla:  Alrighty then.

Jake:  Want to play my video game?
Marla:  ~Making a face~
Reva:  Honey, Marla doesn't like video games.
Jake:  ~Obviously ruffled~ Well you're not going to be my Aunt!
Isaiah:  Jesus
Marla:  Oh my gosh he just said Jesus!
Reva:  ~Eye roll~

PS Guys, he really did say Jesus. Pinky swear.  Ask Him, He'll tell you. He and Zayah are tight.


  1. I love those kids!! And I miss them like crazy. Just to clarify: Reva was rolling her eyes because of you (tending to think Isaiah can say anything, like butter burgers broil in the bar mitzvah), not that he said "Jesus." Right? :)

  2. Emily! Isaiah said that butter burgers line too!!!