Tuesday, March 9, 2010

His Little Big Belly

This is my baby.  His name is Isaiah. Or Zayah.
Or Zaybuzz (nicknamed lovingly by Jake).
Here is a side view of his belly.  It makes me smile.

Sometimes, in the right light, you can see a touch of redness
in his baby soft hair (though Reva won't ever admit it). 
He loves to run, full force, into my arms. 
It nearly knocks the wind out of me every time.  Because you see, 
this little boy... isn't so little.

His new thing, as of late, is to crawl into end of Reva's bed and just hang out. 
It must be comfortable, or maybe it just gives his belly a rest.

In church, he loves to run away from Jeff.  It's a little game
he plays.  It's called 'See if you can make it to the Bishop on the
stand'.  Jeff always grabs him just in time.
This usually happens on an average of 7 times during
a sacrament meeting.  Each time, he comes back in Jeff's arms
with a big proud smile that says 'I'll get farther next time'.

On Sunday, I was holding Isaiah. 
I had his little cheek pressed to mine and I looked at Jeff and said "I can't believe he's letting me hold him like this for so long".  Jeff takes one look at how he's nearly slipping out of my arms and says "I think he's just holding on".

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  1. He kept throwing markers over the bench last Sunday........but I think he was secretly trying to hit me with his markers and that's why he kept trying. ;) Love this kid!