Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Favorite Bakery

I'm going there on Saturday.  Best heart shaped pink frosted valentine's cookies in Minnesota. 

How did I find this place?  My favorite 5K has only a few boxes for after the race.  They go like hot cakes.  Last year I got in trouble for taking 2 instead of 1. I thought I was being sneaky but alas, I was caught pink handed.  So this year, I did some sleuthing to find out where they got the cookies.  Bada-bing! 

I only ordered 3 dozen.  But never fear, I will share (two for me, one for you). 

P.S.  When I decided I've had enough cookies and need perfection in a piece of fruit, I will eat these delicious pears while thinking about how much I love my Portland friends.

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