Monday, February 1, 2010


Guess who Starkey's newest sponsor is?

My most recent download on iTunes may have been Crush.  What I love about this kid is that he's not trying to be grown up or attempting to sing songs that are beyond his years.  No sir, he's embracing his current stage of life - the naive & sweet & awkward 17 traumarama stage where you think everything is a Big Deal and you call your dad a "murderer of love" when he makes your boyfriend go home in taxi after he sneaks up to be with you at the family cabin.

So go ahead, download his video Crush and let it make you smile like a little school girl.  Because life, my friends, is too darn short to skip the cheese so jump on in.


  1. I have been crushing on David Archuleta ever since American Idol. I was actually listening to his CD just yesterday and singing along. Oh, I am such a teenager at heart. :)

  2. So, I loved this song enough that I made it one of my Thursday songs months ago. I like David Archuleta!

    Did you know that he surreptitiously ended up at the temple the very day that my stake (Anoka) had a youth conference and were there, too? Oh man, you know those girls were having a hard time being reverent while David Archuleta was in the font! He was here for a concert and just wanted to do some baptisms.

    It made me SO happy to see you on Saturday. I love friends. It was so nice to spend a little time with you. You just put everyone at ease and are so jolly, in a non-Santa Claus way. Just happy and optimistic and no one can help but love you. I can't! Thank you for coming all that way!