Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are you a real Minnesotan?

Excerpt from The Scott County Scene newspaper:

As Minnesota opened up to white settlement, it was "pitched" to eager pinoneers in various ways.  Some writers tried to counter rumors of a harsh environment; others proclaimed the vigor and "robustness" gained from the cold, dry climate.  Written in 1853, Wesley Bond strongly put forward the case for a stalwart northern temperment amoung the settlers:  "To begin with, if you are of that incorrigible class of persons who have taken it into their brains that no part of this great globe is habitable, by reason of the cold, to a degree of latitude than about forty degrees north, we have no use for you.". 

Ha ha ha ha ha.  This is not a joke.  This is a real quote and I think I really like this dude.  He's hilarious.

You tell 'em Wesley Bond, you tell 'em!  Minnesota ain't no place for wimps.

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