Saturday, January 1, 2011


Jacob:  I outgrew my football.
Marla:  How is that possible?  It was a professional size football.  And you just got it last week.

Chloe:  ~whispering in my ear very loudly~  Mala (this is how she pronounces my name), don't tell Jacob, but I'm getting smarter and smarter and smarter!

Isaiah:  Oh goodness!

Other things I've discovered lately:

The Easy Bake oven stuff tastes like crap.  Tastes NOTHING like it did when I was little.

Going to the newly renovated Lego Land during the holiday break was not my best idea.

Chloe is really good at hiding when we play Hide & Seek.  Like seriously good.  It took Jacob 20 minutes to find her. 

Isaiah likes to sleep with his head in his mama's armpit and his feet in his daddy's face.  I find this very, very comical.

Also, most importantly, I've learned that it is possible to get caught in an escalator.  I have officially learned my lesson and will never be doing that again.

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