Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hail Minnesota!


Just wanted to share that Minnesota does have a state song but no one knows it.  Not even me.  But I have enough love for Minnesota even without knowing the song.

Rachel and I went on a little adventure on Saturday.  We decided to check out a Winter Farmer's market in Minneapolis.  It wasn't a big market by any means, but it had a handful of Minnesota locals who had some really yummy food.  My favorite thing was the biscotti.  I've had a love affair going on with biscotti ever since I tried it a few years ago in California. True. Love.

Linda, from LindaLicious Biscott and Sweets let us try a sample (or maybe a few samples) of her biscotti.  Wowza.  That stuff is good.  Light, flavorful and just plain fun to eat.

To reconcile for the previous post on my dear father, I purchased him a bag of six pistachio white chocolate biscotti but for some strange reason, when I gave him the bag there were only five slices.  Very strange.

I love discovering new fun things and meeting people around the city.  It makes me so happy that there are so many things to do right where I live.  I also love it when people are game to run around in the city and get lost with me (hi Rachel!).

We also visited the Midtown Global Market.  I hadn't been there since the grand opening.  The place is struggling.  I hope people check it out and continue to shop there because it is like visiting a bunch of countries at once, all located in one place.  They have cultural events and lots of different foods, clothing and groceries stores, Spanish bakeries and jewelry... the list goes on. 

So take an afternoon advetnure to Midtown and explore.  You won't be sorry.


  1. That was really fun! I'll get lost with you any time.

  2. Yes, love Minnesota, but I am becoming weary of the endless dull gray skies. Much to do here all year. I'm anxious to photo-shoot the Lake of the Isles Loppet Feb 6th. Now you got me thinking to bake some biscotti; it's been a while, a long while.