Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double Ew.


what the crap is up with the sideburns?
and what the crappity crap was up with the spanking scene?
and this is where the double ew comes in -- his character wanting to kiss a 13 year old girl?!  really?

however, on the whole, it was an entertaining keep-your-interest crazy old country western kind of movie and i'm especially glad i got to see it with my dear old dad.

though there was a man behind us who smelled like a bar garbage can but it added to the effect of the movie. in fact i can still smell Jeff Bridges now... hooo boy, give that man a shower and some mouth wash.

ps i'm more excited to see this movie with matt damon ... he looks WAY more handsome.  the hat is weird, but i can get past that more than chops and fringe. 

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