Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little Oregon at Twilight

Oh Portland!  You are gorgeous and I love you.  Darling Kirstin took me on a little tour of the beautiful state of Oregon.  We stopped at the View Point Inn which for you non-vampire/werewolf fans is where the prom scene was filmed in the Twilight movie.  It was a beautiful but windy day.  We went up to Multnomah falls (which I can't pronounce to save my life so I now call it Malt-o-meal falls) and we drove up to the Gorge where we nearly got blown right off the pavement.  We visited the VooDoo donut shoppe that was filled with a bunch of hipsters and donuts with questionable names.  We went to my new favorite bookstore called Powell's.  Kirstin introduced me to happy hour at the Portland City Grill where we dined on the fanciest of appetizers and Diet Coke Lime.  Heaven.  For dessert we traveled to Cacao for drinking chocolate.  I can say I died and went to Heaven without any reservation.  What a fun trip!  In the middle, there is a picture of the Portland temple.  Incredible spot for such a sacred place.  It was tucked in the middle of a forrest.
Dear sweet Len & Victoria were married there, for all time and eternity
What a perfect trip.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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