Monday, October 5, 2009

The House that Bacon Built

What are these pictures of you ask?

Yes, you in the back.  A Bacon Potluck is correct.  Welcome to the world of software engineers.

1)  Bacon coffee cake
2)  Bacon shots
3)  Bacon cheesecake
4)  Bacon cookies and bacon wrapped asparagus (probably the most normal)
5)  House of Bacon (not to be confused with my love, Kevin Bacon)

This is a true story.  People actually ate this food (I did not).

So put that in your pan and fry it!

PS I loathe Blogger.  I am closer to switching to something else.  Just have one more chunk of my hair to rip out.  Gah!


  1. Just threw up in my mouth and on keyboard. No Bueno

  2. I kinda want to try a bacon shot, just to say I tried it...

    I am thinking about trying out Wordpress...

  3. Bacon is an abomination! Nas-d.

  4. WHAT? Who comes up with this stuff? I seriously can't stop laughing!

  5. Weird, some of that stuff actually looked good to me.