Monday, September 21, 2009

Too Many Shades of Crazy

Direct quote from a dear friend of mine who recognizes the insanity:

"Last weekend I went to a single's dance and they made us do the hokey was a dance just for 31-45 singles....and they turned on the lights and made us do the hokey pokey....Marla, what is wrong with people? Why would that seem like a good idea? I just can't even imagine."

Sometimes, there are just no words.  But we carry on. 

We CARRY ON while laughing at these circumstances that frequently seem to find us.  We compare horror stories like war veterans.  And I dare say that some of us have nearly earned a purple heart.


  1. From one vetran to're the best! Thanks for agreeing with me on the complete lunicy of that situation!
    Love ya!

  2. I mean ....lunacy of the situation....why doesn't this thing have a spell checker so I don't look like an idiot :)

  3. You've got to be kidding me? The Hokey Pokey? I guess it does kind of makes sense because you don't age until you get married anyway. So, being 31 - 45 is exactly the same thing as being 7.

  4. I went to a singles activity and we played wink-ums. Talk about feeling 14 again. I just need to get married I don't even care anymore who I marry just as long as I don't have to degrade myself like that any more.

  5. Come to think of it maybe that is why they do it. They humiliate us to the point that we just don't want to be single anymore!