Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Otis.

My sister went and bought a dog. A beagle.

He whines, poops, pees, shakes when he's nervous
and when I let him down, he bit my pant leg
and I screamed (just a little).

My mom actually held Otis. I tried but I
felt like I was squishing his guts.

Sit Otis, Sit. Good dog.

PS: When I was downloading Otis, I discovered a few other pictures that did not look familiar. Then I remembered that I forgot my camera at my parents house last week. Looks like I caught the rascal redhanded. Dad, you owe me fifty bucks.


  1. A puppy! Man, a lot of work, but sure cute. We adopted a puggle (rescue; I promise we're not trendy) three-ish months ago...the timing is not coincidental. Sounds silly, but he's probably been the biggest factor in my healing, in addition to time just passing. Thanks for your kind words on my's nice to hear from you. You're quite great and I'm always an admirer.

    p.s. Do you have access to my non-food blog? I do have one. Let me know if you want access.

  2. I love mom in that red shirt. She looks radiant! And as for Otis, well, he's cute, but not as cute as Eva.

  3. Hey, you've already got access. Looks like I invited you a long time ago. I had wondered why I wouldn't have!