Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twi-Tour: The Tour de Shame

I like this photo of all the Twilight junk jewelry and then this girl's goth shoes. Get this. The twilight HAND MODEL was there. She was charging an insane amount of money to get your picture taken with her. Jenny bought a bookmark for $5.00 instead. Take that hand model. She was also selling apple scented sparkly hand lotion. He's dreamy isn't he. I like him better blonde but I'm still not complaining.
The line to get into the auditorium. A day pass was around $25.00. A complete weekend package ranged from 250 - 500. Needless to say, we did not go inside. Evidently a lot of the people from the movie cancelled at the last minute and the fans were furious.
We had to get a picture of the Twi-Tour poster. We neither saw nor met any of these people.
We went into a room where people who actually paid 30 dollars per signature. What really got me about this one can be explained in two words:
hand placement.
This group above was probably the most worthwhile, entertaining thing. That's only if you don't count the two women that probably haven't left their house since the 60's showing up in style with flannel shirts over their over-sized twilight tees. Ow!
The best part: Jenny, Rosalyn and me eating breakfast afterwards. at after walking around the vendor booths and seeing how one book is being exploited beyond recognition.

Hell's Kitchen

Slogan: "Damn good food". (Mom, it's quoting, I'm only quoting)

PS But people, seriously, it really is damn good food!

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