Monday, July 13, 2009

Mill City Farmer's Market Revisited.

Oh what fun we had!

Edible flowers. No kidding. I made a face and Megan said "they are a GREAT idea. You can put them on top of cakes and stuff". And then I agreed because the word "Cake" seems to do that to me.

The market. The cookie/bakery/non food vendors try to outsmart the veggie/fruit vendors. It works every time.

The cupcake people. Sweets Shop is where it's at.
They also sell them through D'Lish.
It's a catering company with
local & organic foods.
I promised them they would be famous
as soon as I posted my blog.
I mean, I'm practically right up there with Oprah.

Whoever invented cupcakes, I love you.

The Cheery Cherry dress! I think I'll learn how to sew.

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