Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Time is Drawing Nigh

I've found my next adventure. It's not traveling to a new country or moving to another state. However with the rising cost of gas, it might turn out to be the same price. I choose to not think about that.

There's quite a few tandem people to choose from.
With my luck, I'll probably get this guy...

or even better, this guy. We can shoot stuff on the way down since apparently this man is not only a skydiver, but a hunter. Talented.

It just might be time to pull out the big guns

....send some fan mail maybe.

I'll ask Matt to come with me.

I'll even let his wife and kids come.
Because I'm nice like that.


  1. You are nice - I think Matt and his family would have a blast with you - Maybe you can get him to pay for it and go a few times. You're funny!

  2. I am totally going skydiving this summer! Keep me updated on your plans! I want to hear how it goes!