Monday, June 8, 2009

Right as Rain

I love sleeping with the windows open when there's a rainstorm. Even if the rattling window shade keeps me up and the room is a bit too cold, I just can't bring myself to shut it. I'd rather listen to the sounds that only come out when it's raining.
On rainy days like this, it brings me back to happy memories from many Up North trips on Lake Superior. I'd rather go there instead of a tropical vacation. Rocks and water for me. I am a Minnesota girl at heart.

On rainy days like this, I dream about the shore. Perching myself on one of the rocks, writing in my journal or reading my scriptures and just feeling the peace that seems to flow from the lake. Must be a bit of magic in the water... it seems to refresh and heal, all in one short sitting.

On rainy days like this, I picture little-girl Reva, holding a cup of raspberries that she's picking while getting drenched. Her sweet, childlike smile tells me she doesn't care about the weather.

On rainy days like this, I go to the calendar and count the days.

68, my friends, only 68 days.


  1. Is that an accurate count this time?? Just kidding:) I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  2. Those raspberries look really good.

  3. I'm glad you love the North Shore -- you were 2 years old when we started going up there at least yearly. I remember you runnning toward the edge of a cliff on the Cascade River because you wanted to see the falls, up close and personal. You hiked with us, and were a real trooper. I hope we are blessed to enjoy many more trips together. Love, Mom

  4. yes, emily, accurate count!
    yes, anon, raspberries are good.
    yes, mama, i am a boring up north girl. rather be there than hawaii. you happy now? ;)
    xoxoxoxo, marla

  5. Marla, there is absolutely nothing boring about you, and what's more, I don't see anything in my previous post that says that.

    Now I'm happy :) I get the last word.

    xxoo Mom