Friday, June 12, 2009

The One with the Hot Sauce.

Nice picture huh. It looks like it's saying "eat me, eat me" doesn't it. Or it looks like a lovely reverse Pacman. Whatever strikes your fancy, this is just part of the plot exposition.

Jake: What are you eating?
Marla: Mmmmm... this Crunch Supreme is so good. Wanna bite?
Jake: --scrunches up his nose and walks away--
Marla: Ok then, more for me.
Marla: Jake, stop jumping on the hot sauce!
Jake: Uh-oh.
Marla: Jake, please hand me the bag.
Jake: Here you go.
Marla: ---squirt--- "Holy Crap! I just sprayed hot sauce on Isaiah!"

Later on in the evening, Jake decides to stick it to me. Out of the blue.

Marla: Jake, please wash your hands.
Jake: Well YOU are the one who spilled hot sauce all over my little brother!

P.S. In case you were wondering, The Crunch Supreme gets a grade of D+. Check it out here. Oy!
P.P. S. In case you were wondering, the hot sauce did not go anywhere near the baby's eyes. You can thank the Taco Bell Angels for that one.


  1. Don't recall hearing about that when we got home.

  2. Jeff, this story is purely fictional. I just have a really great imagination. - marla