Thursday, June 25, 2009

Minneapolis: More Favorites

Historic Heights Theater.
With historic,
yet young at heart,
lovely girls.

Even the daffodils were crying after the movie.

A few observations:

Apparently highwater pants were hip in the 60's.
Community service programs could have been very useful and may have prevented a number of rumbles.
Singing about a relationship is better than
actually having a real relationship.
"Special effects" did not include any sight of blood.
Tony was a dream boat.
Favorite sayings: Daddy-O, Oogly-ooh, Rumble,
Hey Buddy Boys! Te adoro, Antone.
Barbara Streisand did not write "Somewhere"!
This shook up my world. But I'm ok now.
All in all, this movie is an ICON.
Bittersweet. Poignant. Fascinating.

Dinner: Not sure I get its name, but it was a fabulous chicken sandwich with some yummy match stick fries.

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  1. Oh Marla, a day with you is always delightful. Thank you for blooging about our WSS/POP! adventure! Tony is definitely a dream boat. . . .