Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kids Ask the Darndest Things

Questions from Kids in the 2nd Grade to various people but answered by me:

What is your favorite commercial?
The one for Wisconsin Dells where the lady is doing dishes at the sink and picks up the hose thingy and starts screaming and spraying herself.
What game systems do you own?
Does an Ipod Touch count as a game system? I sold my DS Lite GameBoy on
Do you always wear flip-flops?
No. They are gross and bad for your feet.
What is your shoe size?
9, sometimes 8 1/2.
Do you laugh a lot at home?
Yes, I'm very entertaining to myself.
If you had a pet dragon what would its name be?
My favorite dragon book as a kid. I would name him Ed.
When I’m in high school will you be dead?
Ha. Why I oughtta...
Did you take a bath this week?
No. Showers only. My tub is the size of a baby pool.

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