Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another 5K

Picture of Hope, Stephanie, me, and Stacey at the 5K race this weekend in Burnsville, MN. Aren't the ladies in my ward just so super darling?

But guys, this is what I really look like when I run....Don't hate me because I'm so buff.


  1. You are the woman! Come be in our family triathlon this summer! We need somebody who's buff!

  2. I hate you. You totally look better than me when you run. ;)

  3. Marla!!! It's Carla!!! You look fantastic...running and not running! If I find a 5K here for you to run, will you come and visit me?

  4. Cynthia - really? a triathalon?
    for reals?

    Lisha - you marathon running you!

    CZ - YES! find one. :) i'll be there. but make sure it's near a donut shoppe or something. :)

  5. Marla, I saw you run the Burnsville 5K and that picture is exactly what I saw! heehee! I found your blog!