Monday, June 1, 2009

#1 Reason To Not Sleep With An Alien (the reason is contained here)

You know when you remember a show as a kid, and then go back to watch it and it's a complete let down? This TV show used to scare me so bad. I guess as a kid, I didn't know anything about special effects. This clip is laughable. Laugh out loud, slap your knee, swallow your gum complete ridiculousness. It's a shame that it kept me up at night, a darn shame.
Now this lady, she was scary. She still scares me.

Remember, this was show was made in the 80's. It's a great way to get tips for what not to wear. And for how not to wear your hair. However, this guy did have a good feathering technique.

They could really do something with it now, with all of our freak show special effects. Click here to see how ABC is going to pull it off. I just might watch. With the light on. Under a blanket. With my dad and mom.

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