Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why I Love My Brothers

Example 1.
Marla (dialing Emily's cell phone) "beepbeepidybeepbeepidybeep"
Voice answers with a heavy accent: Hola?
Marla, dropping phone to look at who she called.
Marla picking phone back up and recognizes the voice of the spanish impersonator. My bro, DAN the MAN. Or should I say Pablo the... ok nothing rhymes with Pablo.
A 20 minute conversation with "Pablo" in Spanish ensues without a single drop of character no matter how I beg or plead. I'm pretty sure my 8th grade skills all came back for that one conversation. Adios Amigo.

Example 2.
Sitting in church, about to take the bread. The tray reaches Chloe. My bro Jeff whispers in the little ear "only one piece" even though the little rascal takes two pieces and shoves them both in her mouth before anyone can stop her.

Tray of bread passes to Jacob, Jeff whispers "only one piece" and we're improving because he listens and only takes one piece.

The tray now sits in front of me, and pause... wait for it... "only one piece" whispers my funny brother as he passes the bread to me.

PS In case you were wondering, I only took one piece.

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  1. Marla, Pablito is single and "Rico, Suave"!