Thursday, May 28, 2009

Til We Meet Again

Hymn 152 describes my thoughts exactly.

This year we finished the New Testament. Next year we will study the Book of Mormon.

A theme was discovered already. I found it yesterday while reading and it jumped off the page onto me like a little lap dog.
Ahemm. Had a little walk on the crazy road called side-tracked.

Ok, I'm back. Now get ready for spiritual, because the power is packed in this verse. This is the one that spoke to my soul. Here, Jacob speaks to us, in our day.

"Now in this thing we do rejoice;
and we labor diligently
to engraven these words upon plates,
hoping that our beloved brethren
and our children will receive them
with thankful hearts,
and look upon them
that they may learn with joy..."

How beautiful is that. Here's to next year my friends. Until then.

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