Friday, May 8, 2009

Tats are IN.

Mom, I know you don't like the word crap. But I think it will be very fitting when you find out what Reva has done. Then, you too might exclaim "Are you crapping me".

One more thing Mom. I know she is 31 years old, but I'm fairly certain that she needs to be grounded. Just for a few days, you know, so she can learn from her mistakes. With no phone, TV, or computer (we better take away her iPod Touch too - for good measure). I will help supervise.

Now brace yourself... it's quite shocking:

Isaiah's new tatoo. Shameful isn't it!

Love, the Golden Child


  1. MArla, you are the one putting the "tat" on Isaiah. NOt so clever are you.

  2. I know perfectly well that you put the tatoo on Isaiah and his mother didn't know until she gave him a bath. Stop saying crap and stop telling stories. And YOU are grounded Missy.
    Love you troublemaker, Mom

  3. Jana, you are just jealous because I'm the golden child and you are not.
    Better luck next time.