Friday, May 1, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways I Love Thee

Pairs of glasses = TEN (10)

2 more on the way. I cannot. help. myself.

And I think the patterns are getting a wee bit more crazy.

Exhibit A: (grape, lime and some other color)


  1. My goodness! Hope your prescription doesn't change but hey if the price is right why not have a little fun.

  2. Never again will I feel bad for having too many shoes. Thank you for justifying my obsession:) Love you Big.

  3. You need help. Seek professional help before it gets out of hand.

  4. kim: um - it did change. the only correct ones are the crazy colors that don't go with anything... :(
    em: i bet you have way more shoes that i have glasses.
    anon: you probably has lazer surgery

    MK :)

  5. This causes me stress. When you came to visit you were wearing new glasses every two hours. It got a little difficult for me to handle. Let's everyone on here plan an intervention for Marla. If we band together we can help her.

  6. I have created a monster!!!

  7. ok. let's have an intervention party. by the time it's over, i will have each of you buying at least 3 pairs of glasses. i can't wait for my two new pairs to come :) :)