Friday, May 29, 2009

Camping Next to the DQ.

Here's the DQ we camped next to.
And here's Jeff making a classic face that is now captured for all time and eternity because I'm very certain there will be blogs in heaven. Jacob is yelling at me for taking a bite of his Blizzard. Don't mess with this four year old. Seriously. I'm not kidding.
Reva and Jana. Reva loves her tye-dyed shirt. I'm going to steal it next time I've over there. Oh yeah, and this was the part Jana didn't invite me to be in the picture with them.
Here's our darling Chloe on the trolley ride. I love her little happy shining face.
Jana and James. We went to his hotel for lunch. That's where we had the most amazing sweet potato fries ever.
Jana, ticking Chloe off somehow. Don't mess with this three year old.
Chloe, mid-lick.
Smiling blue eyes Jakey.
At the beginning of the trip while Jeff was trying to figure out how to get all of us and all of our crap in the van, Chloe hopped in the trunk. I thought this was a fabulous idea and got in with her. Soon after, Jake jumped in and we decided to "scare" Reva & Jeff. Boy were they surprised. They might have been more afraid of my hat. We'll never know.

Chloe's marshmellow face.
Reva & Me. Camp fire picture. Ole!
The first s'more of summer. Mmmmmm....
Making banana boats! The kids did such a great job.
To make a banana boat, cut a flap in the banana, cram as many mini marshmellows and chocolate chips in there, smash it shut, and throw it on a few coals for a minute.
Jacob, working hard at helping me peel the carrots. No fingers were lost in the making of this tin foil dinner.
The Fam. Minus Emily and Dan. Who we missed TREMENDOUSLY. See you in August! Never fear, we will do lots of campfires and adventures then.

We Treat You Right! (ding!)

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