Thursday, April 9, 2009

They Said What?

My favorite thing in entertainment magazines is to read about the latest silly things some of the celebs have said. It an easy way to get your kicks.

Today I have two quotes from my lovely parents. You don't need to outsource for funny lines when you have parents like mine.

Mom: How did the doctor visit go?

Marla: I just got my tenatus shot.

Mom: Ok, you're good to go for 10 years then, step on all the rusty nails you want, Love you lots.

Marla: I'm going to NYC.

Dad: I have some advice for you.

Marla: What.

Dad: Reel it in, Marla, Reel it in.

So Mom - tonight I'm going to find an abandoned construction site and walk around barefoot.

And Dad - I'm working on it. Just one. more. trip. Then I'm done. For reals.


  1. Are you kidding? Did you see Home Alone when Marv steps on the nail? It looks like it really hurts.

  2. Marla, I love your parents!

  3. seriously. so our parents.

  4. Marla, we think you should go to the Parent Store and pick out a new Mom and Dad. The ones you have are obviously going downhill fast. Although there's no question they love you and your sisters VERY MUCH.