Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Really Do Want World Peace

A blog that references cookies AND Groundhog day (one of the best movies of all times) = good fun.

I made these World Peace cookies over at Reva's house. Jeff decided to have one. His exact words: These are really chocolaty. Man, these are too chocolaty.

Let me inform my dear readers about the time he came over for Sunday dinner when he and Reva were first dating. Here's the conversation.

Mom: Sorry about the mashed potatoes. They are kind of lumpy aren't they?
Jeff: Yeah...but that's ok.
Marla: Ohmygawsh! You did not just say that!

Now we all just laugh about it. And bring it up from time to time to torture him. It's super fun.

On another cookie, I mean note, Jana recently went to Utah to visit my darling pregnant Emily and her studmuffin husband Dan. I stumbled across this post that showed the most. delicious. cookies. ever! I sent them on a little treasure hunt. They conquered and brought some home for me. They were gone in about 2.5 seconds. Click here to order. Sadly, it's much cheaper to fly out there and get them yourself. Dangitalltoheck.

I would post a picture of what they looked like when they were going into my mouth, but it all happened so fast. Next time. Until then, dear SmartCookie**, I will dream of you.

**What kind of dumb name is that? SmartCookie? That's the best you could come up with? Areyoucrappingme?


  1. I love Jeff! He is hilarious:) but mar, those were not his exact words on either of those occasions. close enough though.

  2. Aren't they out of business now?

  3. Jeff is hilarious! I love honest people.

    The cookies look chocolatey and delicious.

  4. stop saying crapping me or I'll wash your mouth out with soap. Love, you know who