Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Know Why the New York Bird Sings

If you don't like the following things, New York is not for you:
  • germs (self-explanatory in a city with a zillion people
  • people begging on the subway (especially the guy who traps you on a ride for 20 minutes, pacing up and down, making sheep noises when you don't give him any money)
  • rats (they like to eat the food on the tracks)
  • not having your own car (germs, it's all about germs)
  • money ($$$$$$$$ everywhere - either lack or surplus)
  • rain boots (a must when you take the subway)
  • if you can't read a map (um yeah, couldn't find FAO Schwartz)
  • food (instead of churches on every corner, note the bakeries of all sizes)
  • But... if you like these things then maybe New York could be for you:

    • cupcakes
    • the park
    • variety in the weather
    • daffodils
    • fun trendy restaurants with swings inside
    • chocolate desserts
    • graffiti
    • bikes
    • movie locations (post coming soon... hint: you've... got... _______


    1. What a cool looking bike! That looks like a fun trip to NYC!

    2. Yum! I want that!

    3. Holy Moly! You sure do visit New York a lot.... It looks like you had a blast!

    4. New York looks fun, but not as fun as Reno. And the best part is. . .the bakery, cupcakery, and gourmet cuisine are all made here, right in my house. I don't even have to leave to have the time of my life.